What is a chakra reading?

It is a report from your Higher Self. Each chakra area relates to a different aspect of your life: spirituality, intuition, creativity and communication, heart matters, power and will, emotions and sexuality, and survival and grounding.

How do you contact the person’s Higher Self?

By connecting with the Over Lighting Diva of healing, PAN, the White Brotherhood, my Higher Self and the client’s Higher Self… a technique originated by Machelle Small-Wright in her book Medical Assistance Program.

How is the information transmitted?

Spirit communicates with symbols. It is much like dreaming for someone. I have been doing chakra readings for over 20 years so some of the symbols I have an understanding of and others are specific to the client. There is a general pattern and Spirit provides the details. It is advisable to “mind map” the symbols over time to allow for the fullest expression of the report.

Is it fortune telling?

The report gives you insight into areas of your life that may be holding you back, it defines who you are and reflects your strengths and desires. It helps with direction and decision making.

Will my deep dark secrets be revealed?

Definitely not. The report focuses on growth and knowledge. If the client wishes to discuss issues with his or her Higher Self it is entirely up to them. Time is always set aside at the end of the report for this purpose.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely. Once we have thanked our Higher Selves and the connection is dissolved the information is no longer available to me.

Do I need to take notes?

You can, but the sessions are recorded for later review. There may be some things that you might want to jot down for immediate follow up rather than listening to the recording right away. It is advisable to let the readings integrate for a time and reflect on whatever comes up for contemplation.

What happens after a reading?

That is entirely up to you. There is a lot of information transmitted and much follow up to consider. We do not need to “do it all at once”. The information is for the Highest Good of all concerned and requires a period of time to act upon. The idea is to stay connected to Source having been given the tools.

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