Evie’s readings speak in rich symbolic imagery that paints who you are and what really matters in your life. Her readings reflect the vision of your dreams, goals, inner guidance and path. Evie reads energy centers or chakras by connecting with your Higher Self. She gives practical step-by-step guidance for reaching your vision while clearing away old debris. Evie accomplishes this with insightful humor in a down-to-earth grounded manner that feels comfortable and safe providing you with the courage to grow.

Meet Evie Clare

Evie Clare grew up in a home where subjects like reincarnation, astral travel and psychic awareness were frequently discussed. Her father – a practicing seeker and psychic – taught her about “tuning in with the Infinite” and her mother gave her the gift of working with Devas and Nature Spirits.

She is a third generation reader whose Welsh ancestors continue to work with her from the other side of the veil. Evie studied Edgar Cayce and attended the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Los Angeles in her early years.

In 1986, she attended a psychic awareness class in the Kootenays and has been giving chakra readings ever since.

“I learned about symbol systems and how Spirit communicates directly. I believe that everyone is intuitive and the more we pay attention, the easier it becomes to trust the information is real and in our best interest. My readings are a report – I am unable to edit or embellish. If I don’t report what I am seeing/hearing the reading stops. Years of experience have taught me that the person receiving the reading knows exactly what I am talking about….their “knowing” if you will. For me, giving readings is an entirely gratifying experience. It is like lighting candles along the way.”

“It is truly what I needed at that time in my life. I can’t express how deeply thankful I am to have had Evie there to guide me.”

Corey* | Vancouver, BC


“This is the most healing thing I have done for myself, in a time when I knew of nothing else to make me feel better. This is an experience I will repeat again and again.”

Alia* | Vancouver, BC


"I’ve had many readings over the years and yours was the most powerful.”

Virginia* | Calgary, AB


“Thank you so much again for your reading… I feel very at peace with many of the issues.”

Brenda* Stockton, California


“After your tape arrived, I could actually feel confident enough to really contact my sprightly, intuitive, upbeat energy. It was very all confirming...”

Charlotte* | Tehachapi, California


“Evie restores my puzzle pieces - because there is wholeness I feel after a reading.”

Pauline* | Nelson, BC


“Your reading was the mother lode of information, thank you so much!”

Pat* | Salt Spring Island, BC


“Just wanted to let you know how positively the reading affected me… I’ve been listening to the tape, and I’ve been feeling very empowered.”

Kathy* | Kingston, Ontario


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